Hi From the Sky: On The Road to Happily Ever After!

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About Ann

Ann Ault has been in show business for more than 42 years, including theater (roles such as: Anna in “The King and I”, Maria in “The Sound of Music”, Kate in “Kiss Me Kate”, to name a few) as well as nightclubs, TV shows, over 300 commercials, movies and radio theater.  She has been a member of SAG/AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild) since 1974.  That was also the same year she gave her life to Jesus Christ ... in New York City!  It was the best decision she ever made! Jesus Christ is the Rock in rocky times! She did many voices for the radio program, “Adventures in Odyssey,” as well as many Christian movies and projects. You can see more on IMDB (also 800casting.com/annault)

Ann has taught Drama, on-camera acting, has been a drama coach for churches, has sung and spoken for many venues. Ann has directed plays and has helped produce shows including the kid’s show, “Hubcap Flats” ... she co-wrote, directed, choreographed, wrote the theme song for the musical version (based on the books by Pat Sunseri.)  She recorded two gospel CD’s (with some of her own songs) and in 2000, Ann self-published a book called “40 Days to Freedom” (A Spiritual Adventure in Weight Loss) which was endorsed by the late Dr. Bill Bright and Kay Arthur … their letters of commendation are included in this website.

In 2000, Ann began taking classes on filmmaking and morphed into the world of screenwriting, producing, directing.  In 2001, after reading Patsy Oda’s book, “Heart’s Desire,” she attended media conferences, classes and consulted script Doctors to adapt Patsy’s book into a screenplay.  In 2010, she was in the semi-finals of Kairosprize.com contest /spiritually uplifting screenplays. The “Heart’s Desire” film website: http://www.heartsdesirefilm.com

In 2011 Ann won second place for the Screenplay Adaptation Contest of “Heart’s Desire” at Gideon Media Arts and Film Festival contest. 

Ann published “Hi From the Sky: On the Road to Happily Ever After” with Xulon Press in March of 2013 to encourage weary pilgrims in troubled times! She hopes to stir up child-hearts to remember that God’s Kingdom is the fairy tale that is REAL … God’s Kingdom is the Kingdom of BELIEVE, not make-believe! Ann has done many women’s meetings, retreats, prison ministry and continues to go wheresoever the Lord will lead her to share her songs, poetry, pithy sayings and painfully acquired insights with humor about her journey on The Road TO Happily Ever After!


Ann Ault was called "fatty-four-eyes" as a child, but had a miraculous metamorphosis and a show business career!

Ann Ault has two custom Gospel Albums with classic songs as well as songs she has written.  The two albums are: "God Leads His Children" and "Ann Ault Sings to the Ancient of Days".