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Ann's Poems

All Poems written by Ann Ault. 

I Confess That I'm A Mess

I’m an emotionally challenged person, I can’t help the way I act.

I’m a victim of my hormones and the training that I lacked.

It’s quite obvious, the research explains why I’m uptight;

Why I explode at loved ones and complain that nothing’s right.


I have PMS and ADD and sugar makes me mean.

I get depressed and nervous because I drink too much caffeine!

My parents never nurtured me, never held me as a child.

My mother never breast-fed me, no wonder I was wild.


I’m bound to be unreasonable, I have excuses for my behavior.

But I know I can always depend on forgiveness from my Savior.

But this is hardly called a sin, this nasty disposition!

The research shows I’m justified.  You just ask my physician!


He’ll tell you I have maladies that make me act this way.

With all the stuff that’s wrong with me … well, what else can I say?

No wonder I am such a mess, I’m a victim through and through.

How can I choose to change me?  There is little I can do!


But then a thought occurs to me and causes me to quake.

What if all this research is only a mistake?

What if all these symptoms which make me weird and mad …

Excuses that I’ve always used explaining why I’m bad …


What if it’s not true and these diseases are a sham?!

What if I AM mean and bad ‘cause THAT’S the way I AM?!

“Lord, I confess that I’m a mess; I just can’t run this race!”

“I know you can’t, I know you’re weak, that’s why you need My grace.”


“The grace that will enable you to run the race and win!

Divine, enabling power that helps you overcome your sin.

Daily you must come to Me for all that I can give.

I give you love, I give you peace … I give you power to live.”

“I’ll teach you to make choices above the old mean you.

You choose My way, I’ll make the change, and you’ll become brand new.

Yes, you’re a mess, but you’re MY mess.  I won’t give up on you.

I’ll give you tools and principles and together we’ll get through.”

Ann Ault


by Ann Ault

At Christmas time exchanging gifts can bring such fun and cheer,
They look much more exciting than any other time of year. They beckon you to rattle them or sneak a peek or two ...

Imaginations soar as you envision what’s awaiting you.

Maybe a computer, a fur or diamond ring ...

Or keys to a Mercedes and other heady things.
You find gifts rarely measure up to what they ought to be.

You think the contents will be like the glitter that you see.

But all that glitters is not gold … and packages deceive.
They’re dressed in golden glitz and bows, these presents you receive.
The smallest gift can be the best, and in this case it’s true …

The Christ child came on Christmas morn, the perfect Gift for you!

This Gift seems very tiny … yet big enough for all,
For any who receive it … for those who hear the call.
This Gift will never disappoint; it only grows in worth.
It’s guaranteed for all of time … the greatest Gift on earth!

Mother and Wife

“Mother”and “wife” are just two simple words,

And yet, inexpressibly dear.

They draw you a picture of one woman’s life

And the words make the picture quite clear.

You imagine the scenes that unfold through the years.

Days filled with laughter, with headaches and tears.

A woman not perfect and yet one who tries

To reach out to her family and maintain the ties.

You helped her bake cakes when you were a kid

And constantly begged for a lick.

She stayed up all night, mopping your brow

And giving you broth when you were sick.

She listened with patience as you poured out your heart

And spent hours bending her ear.

Then you doubted the wisdom and answers she gave,

When she told you the things you did not want to hear.

There are many professions noble and true,

Many a “call” in this life...

But few can compare with the guts that it takes

To be “just” a mother and wife.

Ann Ault

The Apple of His Eye

The apple of your eye,

But Lord, how can that be?

This little apple falls so short ...

No one’s fruitier than me.

Inside our bushel basket

We fellow apples toss ...

We rub each other the wrong way,

And end up apple sauce.

We try to be so bright and shiny,

To please you more and more.

But there are days we go out of our tree ...

We’re rotten to the core.

Instead of crisp, we’re baked and fried ...
Like living in an oven.

Instead of juicy, all dried up ...

We’re thirsty for your lovin’.

But You’re the Gardener and You’ve said

We’re the “apple of Your eye”...

And as we cling to the Tree of Life

We know that you don’t lie!

You fertilize and plant the seeds

And prune us as we grow.

It all stems from Your Word of Love

As patiently You sow.

O thank You, Lord, for Your great care ...

You love a fruit like me...

And always we shall ever hang

On your salvation tree.

Ann Ault

Self Pity Pit

I’m poised on the edge


The precipice crumbles

The closer I sit.

I know what it’s like

To fall into the pit.

At the bottom you sink …

I don’t like it a bit!

The slimy doubts taunt you

And make you feel fruitless.

The quicksand of mocking

Tells you you’re useless.

The muck of depression

Surrounds you with gloom.

You slip over thoughts

Of unspeakable doom.

So I try to stay far

From that pit of despair.

I cry to my God

For His love and His care.

He pulls me away

From the pit and the slime.

His undeserved grace …

I am His … He is mine!

Ann Ault

Divine Free Fall

I look back at the times You would call me to go

And to follow You over the years.

You would tell me to go when I didn’t know where

And I gingerly plowed through my fears.

I was “Alice in Wonderland” venturing out …

I couldn’t resist Your clear call.

But I fought off the doubts as I jumped off the edge,

And breathlessly plunged into divine free fall.

I felt the elation and terror conspire,

Relentlessly plaguing my mind.

I groped for the Light, some scripture or hope,

Flailing for something concrete I could find.

I finally landed, but to my delight

Holy Papa had kept me from harm.

I remembered once more that in spite of the fall

underneath are His comforting arms.

The adventure continues and gets even more challenging,

Trusting the promises made.

But how much would we miss if we say “no” to Him,

We are learning to simply “do it afraid”!

Ann Ault


by Ann Ault 11-27-2011

Lord, don’t let the enemy “DISS” me,

Let me be strong in YOUR might!

When DIS-COURAGEment comes, YOUR COURAGE prevails

As I walk by faith, not by sight.

When I’m feeling deep DIS-APPOINTMENT

YOUR APPOINTMENT is on the way!

When I feel DIS-HEARTened, I take HEART!

I know you will do what You say!

I will choose to believe and OBEY You …

And I choose to not DIS-OBEY!

When the enemy tempts me to DIS-CONTENT,

I’m CONTENT as I follow Your way!

At times I feel shame and DIS-GRACE,

But have GRACE as I follow Your voice.

Though I’m misunderstood by those that I love,

I know that I’ve made the right choice.

I choose to RESPECT Your decisions,

And DIS-RESPECT all of the rest.

The enemy wants to divest me

Of all that I know is YOUR best.

So I will refuse to DIS-MANTLE

The MANTLE  You’ve given to me.

YOUR strong ARM DIS-ARMS the enemy’s schemes.

My doubts disappear and I’m free!

My DIS-EASE has EASED as I choose to BELIEVE

And my DIS-BELIEF fades in the air!

My mental DIS-ORDER is ORDERED by You

Bringing clarity out of despair!

So, when I am tempted to DIS-TRUST,

I will TRUST that You know the way.

Though the enemy tries to DIS-ABLE me,

I am ABLE by Your grace to do what You say!