Hi From the Sky: On The Road to Happily Ever After!

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Write the GOOD FIGHT!!

Posted on September 18, 2013 at 5:10 PM Comments comments ()

Welcome to my BLOG!  I will be posting updates on my book, "Hi From the Sky: On the Road to Happily Ever After" as well as progress on the film, "Heart's Desire" (you can check it out on the "Heart's Desire" Film page of this website.)  I love to write inspiring and encouraging true stories, pithy sayings, poems liberally sprinkled with scriptures to make the invisible God more visible!  God's Kingdom is the Fairy Tale that is REAL!  It is the Kingdom of BELIEVE ... not make-believe!  Be encouraged, weary pilgrim, as God guides you on His "Road to Happily Ever After"!  I saw a license plate the other day: DNT QUIT (DON'T QUIT!)  "Never give up, never surrender"!  I will continue to "Fight the GOOD FIGHT" and Write the GOOD FIGHT!  BLESSINGS on your journey!  And stay tuned!