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Posted on August 19, 2014 at 5:45 PM

 Thoughts from Book of Esther in my One Year Bible reading! When Esther was afraid, she prayed and obeyed! But suddenly in Chapter 4, the eunuch, Hathach, jumped out at me. Ever heard of HATHACH?! Me neither ... just one of those weird names that you sort of pass over as you concentrate on the courage of Esther and Mordecai. BUT ... the insights about Hathach are significant when we feel INSIGNIFICANT! Hathach was one of the King's eunuchs assigned to serve Esther. Hathach was entrusted with VERY important information that was literally life-or-death regarding the Jews. But the more Hathach took the information back and forth between Esther and Mordecai (at least six times), the deeper he got into a dangerous position for himself ... real intrigue. He found out that Esther was a Jew, Mordecai was her cousin, the Jews were going to be slaughtered by decree through Haman (who was top dog in the King's court) and that Esther was going to fast and pray for three days and then approach the King without being summoned, even though by LAW she could die doing that. This little eunuch, Hathach, had a LOT on his shoulders ... it was a real burden and he was even endangering himself with this information, if Haman found out. Esther must have been kind to him ... Hathach was incredibly trustworthy and loyal to Esther AND to Mordecai. If HATHACH had not been willing to do HIS part ... if HE had tried to play games or escape or guard his life by reporting this to HAMAN, the story of Esther might have had a different ending as well as the history of the Jews. So this INSIGNIFICANT vessel was also used by the Lord in this marvelous story of courage. And it gave ME courage today. No one is insignificant in God's Kingdom. So here's to Esther, Mordecai and HATHACH! (As well as another eunuch who had the courage to tell the king that Haman had built a gallows to hang Mordecai!) His name was Harbonah!! Let's hear it for insignificant people who have the courage to do their part in unfolding God's plan!!!!

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