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Christmas Glitters

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Christmas glitters! A time of gift giving. Sometimes we forget Christmas is the Birthday celebration for Jesus Christ, but how do we give gifts to Him? Do we get all wrapped up in what WE are going to get? "A person all wrapped up in himself makes a very small package." John Ruskin "If we're others-centered, we'll be a blessing; but if we're clothed with selfishness, we'll be of limited value to others." (David Jeremiah) Let's be all wrapped up in Jesus Christ this precious season. Let's come to Him in Spirit and Truth and figure out what gifts to others please HIM for HIS Birthday! That WILL be our "thanks to God for HIS indescribable Gift!" Here's a little Christmas Poem I wrote years ago: GIFT FOR ALL SEASONS by Ann Ault At Christmas time exchanging gifts can bring such fun and cheer, They look much more exciting than any other time of year. They beckon you to rattle them or sneak a peek or two ... Imaginations soar as you envision what???s awaiting you. Maybe a computer, a fur or diamond ring ... Or keys to a Mercedes and other heady things. You find gifts rarely measure up to what they ought to be. You think the contents will be like the glitter that you see. But all that glitters is not gold ??? and packages deceive. They???re dressed in golden glitz and bows, these presents you receive. The smallest gift can be the best, and in this case it???s true ??? The Christ child came on Christmas morn, the perfect Gift for you! This Gift seems very tiny ??? yet big enough for all, For any who receive it ??? for those who hear the call. This Gift will never disappoint; it only grows in worth. It???s guaranteed for all of time ??? the greatest Gift on earth!

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