Hi From the Sky: On The Road to Happily Ever After!

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In Ann Ault's book, "Hi From the Sky: On the Road to Happily Ever After," she shares stories about living in Japan with her family for several years (1966-1968) and how much she loved Japan.  In 2001, Ann read the true Japanese American faith-based love story by Patsy Oda, "Heart's Desire."  This book was published in seven languages over 25 years ago and endorsed by the late Dr. Bill Bright (Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ Ministries).  Ann loved the book and knew it had to be a film.  She subsequently met and became dear friends with Walter and Patsy Oda.  The website for the film is:
The book was recently republished by Xulon Press and the now award-winning screenplay for "Heart's Desire" is slowly becoming a reality as it morphs into a film! Stay tuned!  You can see pictures below of the newly republished "Heart's Desire" book as well as pictures of Ann's life in Japan, and the first meeting between Ann, Patsy and Walter!  The "Heart's Desire" book is currently available at Xulon Press, Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble Nook.